For all you budding flower fanatics out there, I have to express my elated excitement about the amazing Blue Lotus flower that I recently stumbled upon. I myself am a keen enthusiast in flowers and floral arrangements cultivating my own garden of blossoming buds for my own personal pleasure.  I occasionally offer my services in flower arranging ("amateur arranging" to say this least) to friends and family fumbling for a freebie for that special sentimental celebration.

I was growing as tired as a sunflower with no sun, in endeavoring to unearth a new flower to incorporate into the indigo themed bouquet for my brother's bride. My garden was full of flourishing flowers but none with enough elegance to encompass the occasion for all that it represented and typically none that rose in alliance with the colors that were requested. I had previously attempted an array of floral sprays, consisting of cute corsages to gracious garlands but had yet to meet my match with the most grandeur of all, the bouquet.

So as I am earnestly researching to root out this perfect floret to beautify the bridal bouquet I am disheartened to discover that task is proving problematic. There appeared to be limited availability of any flower I found to accentuate the artistic cluster that had been creatively cast by the bride. So reluctantly I decided to recess, accepting an invitation of tea at a pals pied a tierre to clear the cobwebs and halt the hunt.

As I was slowly sipping my earl gray, I peered over to my comrade's cup and unnervingly almost spat the hot tea right out at my host. Floating freely in their mug were the petals belonging to what I now know to be "Nymphaea caerulea" the ancient appellation for the Blue Lotus flower. Confused I was to say the least, but after thorough explanation it was brought to light of this flowers use as a historical herbal concoction consumed in tea for a spiritual savor.

So low and behold this perfect perennial plant, stemmed the ultraviolet hew that the bouquet begged but more importantly exuded extraordinary antiquity that added an all-important grandeur to the gift. The flowers emanating Egyptian elegance represent both rebirth and regeneration, attaching a deeper meaning to this vine being used for the vows. Furthermore the botanical blue lotus epitomizes purity and boundless beauty that again personified the bride beautifully in the blue lotus bouquet.

So I embarked on a rocky road in finding the perfect flower that honored the hour of nuptials between my brother and his bride, but thanks to Blue lotus tea it came to fruition and I uncovered an Egyptian gem that will be an uprising resident in my gardening oasis. I keenly convince all fellow flower lovers to dig out information on this archaic lily; I promise its beauty will blow you away.

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